lunedì 16 gennaio 2017

Porsche Turbo RSR type 934 40th anniversary

For the 40th anniversary of tamiya's first rc kit, has been released this limited kit about the Porsche turbo 934 on the TA02SW chassis. It is the kit no. 84431.

The kit comes also with light unit.

sabato 14 gennaio 2017

Helimax Voltage 500

I bought this aerobatic quadcopter in USA during last black friday for a fraction of full price. It is a quad really well buid in FRP and carbon. No GPS because it is not a quad for video but for pure 3D aerobatics.

I can use 3 or 4S lipo battery and have two flight style; normal (ATI) and Aerobatic (3D).

This quad can do also inverted flight because it has reversible motors.

giovedì 12 gennaio 2017

Lastest Japanease magazines from Japan.

Here the lastest magazines landed from Tokyo to my home; They are the issue 01 2017 of Option Magazine, that included a very nice dvd with some street drag races in the night and the 1600ps GTR by Sabulive tuner.

GTR magazine with new year calendar like every first issue of new year.

Hot Versione dvd vol.142 with GTR battle with the demo car od the best Jap tuner.



martedì 10 gennaio 2017

Hyper Rev Speed R35 GTR vol.211

Some weeks ago has been released the new issue of  Hyper Rev Speed mook. It is the volume no. 211 with the update about R35 GTR.

So new demo cars and parts.

domenica 8 gennaio 2017

Pioneer ld-s1 Laserdisc player

Here is the rolls-royce of laserdisk of '80 about laserdisc player. it is the Pioneer LD-S1 released in the 1986. It is the last player with i/o plug for connect a computer like the msx in order to use the laserdisc games.

It has 30year and really still in awesome conditions; it is in gloss black with the two sides in briar roor wood

I bought it for use it with my Palcom MSX px-v60 (Pioneer)

and play with these MSX laserdisc games