lunedì 15 gennaio 2018

Hirobo SST-Eagle S

This is a very rare Hirobo SST-Eagle Type 'S' new in box from begin of '90. I found it in an old toys shop in my country, under tons of vintage toys.

It is one of the best FAI machine of those days. It is the SST Eagle with large frame for fit 500cc fuel tank, SSR II head and shaft tail.

This box includes also the full rc set with multiplex servos and gyro, battery charger etc. A OS61SF-H and his tuned pipes is included.

Like Hirobo collector really a rare opportunity to buy it new.

giovedì 11 gennaio 2018

Gundam Laserdisc memorial pack

In the 1998 for the 20th anniversary of Gundam (one year war) has been released for the japanease market this incredible set of Laserdisc of whole TV serie. There are 12 laserdisc in two boxes; about 8kg of weight.

Of course this huge pack includes books with interview with the main people involved in this serie, original draws and many more. It comes also with his spine cards.

lunedì 8 gennaio 2018

Jr Syplhide 50 in Gracy 50 fuse

This is the second super 50 JR Sylphide 50 helicopter. The rolls royce 50 class helicopter, from 2000, for his awesome quality and flight performance (and of course price).

This is the other brand new Sylphide 50 machine

This heli is rare and is rare also this Jr Gracy 50 fusolage painted in factory; infact the stripes are not decals. The Heli comes with jr 8321 servos, G490T gyro and rare JR IMZ50 engine. So a 100% genuine JR Propo helicopter.

It is a full F3C machine.