lunedì 29 aprile 2013

Nine Eagles EC145 four blades

This is the masterpiece of Nine Eagles micro helicopter. A true EC145 in German police colors with four blades and variable pitch so you can do also some acrobatic figures like loopings and rolls.

The quality of kit is amazing with true servos on washout. I choiced the kit version with nine eagles 2.4 ghz univeral module, called "General Link". So i can use this 2.4 module also on my JR XG8 and i can use ALL nine eagles helicopter. I already own the little solo pro 270 and the 328. So it is a true pleasure use those heli with my XG8 radio.

The Kit comes with also brushless motors (main rotor and tail) and a 3.7v 600mha battery.

Hirobo of Japan produce some micro helies, like this, with some nice scale bodies but their prices are crazy. This EC145 kit complete with 2.4 module is bargaign.

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