giovedì 25 novembre 2010

Kyosho vintage 1/10kit

Just arrived from japan this old 1984 kit in mint condition. It is the awesome Kyosho Turbo scorpion kit.

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  1. What a nostalgia, the Turbo Scorpion. I had a box like that for Christmas 30 years ago when I was 12 years old. Best gift ever. My big brother helped me finish it. The first test drive was a cold day in January 1986 up in Northern Sweden, -25 degrees C, and one of the front suspensions broke (the plastic got brittle in the cold). Man that sucked. I had to wait weeks to get a new one from Kyosho Japan and it wasn't cheap. After that, I had a lot of fun with that car, racing with my friends. I would really like to re-experience the Turbo Scorpion again, now with my son and starting from the box like 30 years ago. How can I find it? Is yours for sale? Drop me an email on if you like.

  2. hello,

    Kyosho has released the vintage Scorpion (not turbo) some years ago. he is very nice. Maybe you can buy it.
    A car like this (vintage) turbo scorpion is very expensive.