lunedì 27 febbraio 2017

Ishimasa 1/10 Ford Bronco Ranger 11 GP

These are my lastest vintage cars landed here from Japan. Both  new in box; they are a Kyosho Lancia Delta 1/5 with 22cc engine from 1992 and the ultra rare Ishimasa 1/10 Bronco Ranger 11 GP from 1986

The ishimasa's Ranger is really a masterpiece for the time; The box is complete of all parts with decals and manual. The car is for 1, 1,2cc engines and it has a clutch,


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  1. I sent you a message about your thunder shot complete kit. Please reply. I have same kit and would like some info on it as you are only other person with a photo of this kit and i dont know anything about it. Please reply

  2. In regards to the thunder shot complete kit info i was looking for I found it. I have posted this in another comment and sharing with you where you might see it....
    Found the info i was looking for. The complete kit was the first thunder shot to be pictured in the tamiya catelogiue with the sonic fighter complete kit. Before they sold the thunder shot on its own or before it was pictured on its own you had the complete kit. The following year you could not buy the complete kit any longer and only the 58067 on it's own. So the complete kit of thunder shot and sonic fighter are the first of those models to be sold and advertised. Which makes them much more collectable than the models on their own that were in the tamiya books th following year of 1989. You can look in their cat in 1988 and see the photos of the cars with complete kit. So those who think they were a novelty to push sales of a under selling car are wrong as these were only available the first year and all they advertised. So with you and me having the only three of them online must mean they are super rare ot have unbuilt. These were the only teo cars selling with complete kits. Late 90's you could get the rookie rabbitt and a couple of on road cars with complete kits.

  3. No worries. Is there anything you might know to the story of the completed kits as well that you can add? I thought it was very cool seeing that this complete kit was actually the first way they introduced the thunder shot in their magazine. To me it makes it far more collectable than the standard NIB. The best part about it is there is only two kits online and that is yours and mine. I ahve searched the world wide web for 14 days now for many many hours each day and found nothing more. The photos i have found by other people all end up being my kit as i can tell from the marking on the box.

    Anyway I am not a collector so I will sell mine to a collector very cheap or i will swap it straight for the original thunder shot for myself to build and run. I dont want the complete kit because i think it needs to be respected and looked after by a collector as it seems only a few are out there still in this condition