lunedì 14 ottobre 2013

Gundam RX78 in Odaiba island (Tokyo)

A friend of mine visited Tokyo some weeks ago. During his holiday he moved also in man made Odaiba island situated in the Tokyo bay; it is a popular shopping and entertainment district.

In Odaiba there is a new shopping, dining and entertainment complex opened on April 19, 2012 called Divercity Tokyo Plaza. Here is included also the "Gundam FrontTokyo" where there are various attractions and a shop centered around the anime series' robots. 

In front of this building there is a true Gundam RX-78 in 1:1 scale.The height of this big mobil suit is about 18mt like the anime series. The mecha is very very detailed like a "master grade" Gun-pla and it can move his head right, left and up and down. 

So here below some awesome pics that my friend sent to me.

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