lunedì 26 gennaio 2015

Kyosho Caliber 60

This is the most awesome and finest F3C machine from end of '90. It is the Kyosho Caliber 60. The quality of this kit is still incredible. It was a great jump from old Kyosho Concept SRII technology to new Caliber 60 at time.Also big money for buy this kit when it has been released and only few kit's were available on the market.

His metal and carbon chassis made the weight of caliber the lighest F3C 60 helicoper of that time and maybe now.

I found this Caliber 60 still in perfect condition; after a hard cleaning now is really in like new conditions. I added 3 Futaba S9252 servos. The engine is a classic OS 60 with Futaba GV-1.

I already own another caliber 60 that i have to build, a Caliber 90 Ver 02 with a 06 Head converted in a EP machine and two Caliber M50; one built and one NIB. See the following link for check these machines,

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