giovedì 1 gennaio 2015

Tomix DX II track with E2 and E5 Shinkansen

This is the main present for one of my child that loves train and shinkansen for the 2014 christmas. Before he played with Tomica normal plarail and Advance series so it is the first serious train set for him.

it is:

- Tomix DX II track composed with A B C set
- 92360 Tomic E2 Shinkansen with one car
- 92361 add on set "Hayate" with 4 car for E2 train
- 92501 Tomix E5 Shinkanen "Hayabusa" with two car

The DxII track is a good start point with single rail, big tower, power supply and a little passengers station. Of course it can be upgraded with new rails set and part.
All the trains have a white light on front and red on rear like real Shinkansen trains.

In the last pictures there is a comparison with Tomica Plarail Advance E2 train and Tomix E2. Of course The plarail are toys with minor details than Tomix. The Tomix trains are the best scale N train (with other japanease company called Kato) of the world!.

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