sabato 3 settembre 2011

Head of Studio Halfeye Hajime Takashima

Last year during my trip in Japan i had the big honor to meet and know Mr Hajime Takashima san the owner/genius behind the world famous Studio Halfeye over-engineered Mecha. He is the father of all Perfect Change mecha; Getter Robot, Dangaioh, Gaiking, Godannar, Dancouga Nova, ecc.

I bought a Gaofighgar with goldionhammer set in shop in Tokyo and he puts his signature on the box. So now i own a very exclusive item.

I met Hajime, with also my wife, in a fastfood at Yokohama city at 10.00 p.m. o'clock i was in late because in Sunday all japanease people loves to drive in highway because they can have a big discount on normal rates.

I ate with the sensei and i did a lot of questions and Hajime reply to me without problem. Really a thrill for me met one of my "hero". A dream that comes true

here some pics:

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