martedì 11 ottobre 2011

Endless-r tuner in Italy - Part 1

Last year i shipped my car (a BNR34 Skyline R34 GTR V-spec in uk configuration), for a full tune, to RH-9 member Endless-R, one of the best tuner in Osaka Area. After 16month the car has returned to me with:

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- Tomei rb28
- Endless race head
- HKS VCAM pro
- NISMO circuit link II
- Aragosta suspension system
- New roboson interior
- custom titanium parts in engine bay
- custom Endless-r 90mm TI full exhaust.
- Endless-r plenum with big single throttle.
- HKS camp 2
- HKS F-CON pro 3.3
- HKS knock sensor kit
- Biot Brembo full kit. 8p on front 4p on rear
- Tilton brakes Bias
- Custom fuel system with 550 motorsport fuel pumps
- Hicas lock
- a lots of other particular :-).

My input to Endless-r  was max torque at very low rpm for that big turbo. Infact the goal has been reached with about 90kgm at 5.200 rpm and a max power of about 800hp at 7200 rpm (dynapack dyno values at engine) with 1.6bar.

I sold my previous engine to a friend. This engine have still the stock internals with HKS 2530 turbo (best twin turbos for RB26 with stock int., in my opinion). A Vcam step 1 has been added in this engine and the final result is very powerful (600ps with 62kgm of torque at 4500 rpm).

So Sugino san (president of Endless-r) and Rick  (an english guy who lives in Japan and speak very well japanease language. He is the oversea contact for Endless) came to Italy for final mapping.

Here his some pics:

Just arrive safe at Linate airport in Milan
At my home
Just arrived to MaxSportService garage in Bettole (PC). About 200km from my town. During trip Sugino san mapped a bit my car on road.
The nice Maha 1000hp Dyno 3000

Some highlights of the shop

Sugino san during checking the Bias in the engine bay

The PC used by Sugino during mapping on road
Sugino, Rick and Luca Cadalora. Like a lot of people know he won the motorbike world champion, 125 class, in 1986 with Garelli. He won also two world championship in 1991 and 1992 in 250cc class this time with a NSR Honda . He drove also an Yamaha 500 and won several races with a final 2° place in 1994. He is also a true a japanease car fan (he owns an R35) and very competent guy with car. Really he always helped me a lot with car. Thks again Luca for your  friendly an costant support to my car crazy thing :-).

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