lunedì 31 dicembre 2012

Tomica Plarail Motorist; Let's go Shinkansen

It is a cool news about Tomica Plarail world. It is the videogames from Tomy!!!! The perfect christmas present for a plarail fan. Now you can drive all Tomica plarail shinkansen on his little lcd screen and use the brake and accelerator levers like the real trains and use light on dark tunnel.

Of course with an a/v cable you can play on a normal TV. Every region of Japan has his own dedicate shinkansen trains like the real world.

The plastic case of videogames comes in E5 shinkansen colors. So diamont green, red stripe and white.

A lot of pics of real train you can be also watched if you complete the runs. With the main game a lots of minigames are attached. My childrens love this gadget. It's sold-out in Japan


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