giovedì 13 dicembre 2012

Lego monster fighters new line

Here is some lego kit about "monster fighter" scary line. Here is the set no. 9464, 9465, 9461.

The Kit 9464 chase after the Vampyre’s Hearse on Dr. Rodney Rathbone’s motorcycle before that blood-sucking bandit gets away with the moonstone!
The Vampyre and his faithful servant the zombie driver have the moonstone and are making a getaway in the black hearse. Can Dr. Rodney Rathbone catch them on his motorcycle and steal the moonstone? Or will Vampyre launch a surprise coffin attack and send the doctor spinning out of control?

The Kit 9465  is about the battle for the moonstone in the zombie graveyard with Jack McHammer’s car and its zombie-smashing hammer-attack function!
Through the mist, Jack McHammer catches sight of the zombie graveyard. He’s on a mission to recover the zombie moonstone, but as he reaches for it, the zombies rise from their coffins and attack! Can he make it back to his car and battle the zombies with the giant hammer?

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