lunedì 17 dicembre 2012

Fewture Black Getter 1 Ryoma mode repaint version

If you miss the original release, some months ago Fewture released the repaint version of their old Black Getter Ryoma mode. This new set comes also with changing set.

This model is a ex-gokin line of Fewture and how all models from this line, it is in full die-cast. The paint is awesome and look great!!!

The original EX Gokin Black Getter was the first EX Gokin, released back in 2006. It was a limited release affair, and aftermarket prices quickly shot up to over five times its retail value.

In some pics there are also the Getter 1 "normal version" in repaint release and new god phoenix always by Fewture  EX-GOKIN line.

Special effect on this pic

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