lunedì 20 maggio 2013

Kyosho Hughes 500 concept EP full set

Some days ago i found this rare kit from Kyosho's golden era in brand new conditions. The kit included also a rare Jr/graupner heli esc of time, a "power mos 25" and an old dedicate Futaba G155 gyro.

At time Kyosho produced the helicopter bodies in white abs material. The Concept Ep mechanic was already build and so ready to be fitted in the hughes 500 fuse. I will flight the concept with his original canopy and with a life 3s 1300mha battery (9.9v). it is better of old 9.6v nicd battery; a little more power and li-fe is more ligher than old nicd packs. With this little li-fe pack i can fly for about 6 minutes.

The kit comes also with his training base set for learn to fly with the Concept EP. At the bottom of this post you can see the concept ep with stock canopy (new).

Is really incredible like this old ep helicopter flight well despite it is a project of end of 80'.

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