domenica 14 dicembre 2014

Hirobo Eagle 3 EP WC SWM

I bought this Eagle 3 last year, new only build and only in these days i fitted all the electronics and his fabolus Black Shark 3 body painted in the factory with classic M. Hashimoto's color. This eagle fit a SSZ-V head and has a driveshaft for tail rotor and not normal belt .

This is the my second eagle i already own an Hirobo Eagle 3 EP AOCC in a Staysee III body.

For this nice F3C helicopter i fitted:

-Kontronic Jive ESC
-Pyro 700-500 motor
-BLS252 servos by Futaba
-Futaba GY611 gyro
-JR XG8 2.4 ghz radio

I changed the front of Eagle 3 for fit one of two big 6s packs. With BlackShark 3 body the original place of two lipo packs is not compatible with this fusolage. I fixed the rear part of body to Eagle 3 with a custom carbon part and a silent block. See the last pics.

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