giovedì 11 dicembre 2014

Kyosho Concept 60

Some days ago has landed a new in box Concept 60 released by kyosho in the 1991. It is an incredible purchase for a Kyosho collector. It is the first version of Caliber in 60 class. This heli has been designed by the winner of first F3C championship Mr Shigetada Taya. He is the father of Kalt Omega helicoptersm, Thunder Tiger Raptor family, etc.

The General condition of huge box is good for the age;The White foam is white and not yellow due to dust or sun.

At time kyosho put a serial number on his 60 class heli. This is the number 21011. There is a mark on the box and on heli about this serial number. The mechanic is absolute new and it is 80% build in factory. There are not rust or dirty. It includes also an OS-61SF H engine with his muffler already fitted and ready to run. The only parts that is missing in the box are the decals.

It is an incredible piece of kit. I think is pretty impossible find a NIB caliber 60 at nowadays. This is the second NIB concpet 60 that i own.

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