sabato 19 maggio 2012

Toei Dangard ACE series and Movies

Just released in Japan, in the last weeks, these new editions of Danguard Ace; so i bought them. It's one of my favourite tv anime series of 70'. One set has the first 12 episodes of Danguard Ace TV series splitted in two dvds.

The other dvd has the two movies released in Japan in the 1977; "Danguard ace and the army of robot insects" and the "Great battle in the space".

The first movie is a spin off from TV series. So no Doppler or "journey to Prometheus planet" but Danguard have to battle with the evil insects robot.  Second movie is a classic so a big battle with the Doppler force in the space.

Both the movies are 100% new so no scenes from tv series. The quality is amazing seems a recent anime and not a anime from 70'. The designs and colors are just perfect.

Danguard Ace TV series dvds

Danguard Ace movies

Danguad Aces Movies Menu

See the quality of colors and design

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