mercoledì 2 maggio 2012

Tomy Intruder EX

Here is two ultra rare Tomy Intruder EX. They are 100% new only built. I already own other Tomy cars; a Intruder adonis and a Nissan GTi-R new in box (check them in the blog). 

The intruder EX was the Tomy Buggy for serious competition during the golden era of japanease offroad racing (end of 80' begin of 90').

One Ex is 100% original with also tomy Volcano tyres. The other one comes with original tomy optional parts for race so: graphite lower chassis, full alluminium pulleys and the ultra rare tomy Zenergy motor.

The intruder EX is the favourite car of my whole vintage collection.

The 100% stock Intruder EX

Tomy Ex stock pullies

The original volcano tyres by tomy

The upgraded EX with original Tomy parts

Tomy graphite lower chassis

The Zenergy motor

Tomy aluminium pulleys option parts

Tomy Alluminium optional pulley

The two Intrude EX together

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  1. Just a please: Can you please scan the decal sheet of the tomy intruder Ex Car ??

    I do have such a car and even managed it to get a repro body for it, but the decals are a problem.
    A scan with 24bit color and 200-300 dpi would be very cool. Please feel free to contact me at: robert )DOT( baumgarten )A T( gmx )DOT( de

    any help is greatly welcome