lunedì 25 marzo 2013

Universal Hobbies International 1455XL in 1:16

Here is my die-cast Universal Hobbies International 1455XL in 1:16 scale. It is in limited edition. Only 2000 pieces worldwide. The real tractor comes form 1983. My model is the no. 544 producted.

This model is well painted with a lot of details. I'm not fully happy due to door and rear window. They cant be opened like the ertl 1:16 prestige series. The price is very similar to ertl so i cant understand why UH choiced this bad option.

In the pics you can se also my other 1:32 International tractor by Schuco and the very nice (and heavy) 1:16 International 5488 by Ertl Key prestige. Yes here you can open the two lateral doors and rear big window.



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