lunedì 4 agosto 2014

Getter 3 Simple Change By Studio Halfeye

The long waited last simple change is finaly just landed in my home. It is the Getter 3. It is a true little masterpiece, a jewel in few words.

I had also the simple change Getter 1 and Getter 2 bought some years ago. So now the "trio" is complete. But the mecha design of this getter 3 is different than before. Also the colors are different and it is a bit more little. The trasparent emerald green of getter machine 1's windows is awesome.

I bought the mecha directly from Studio Halfeye factory so i got the long arms like bonus.

 In every case the 3 getter machine can combine for transform in the getter 3. It is marine module of Getter robo anime TV series.

Studio Half eye has also annunced a new version of simple change Getter 1 & 2 so all three mecha will have the same design.

In the last pics you can see the Getter 3 simple change with the perfect change in getter 3 mode.

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