lunedì 27 marzo 2017

Kyosho Lancia Delta 1/5

Here a Lancia Delta in 1/5 scala release by Kyosho in the 1992. It this brand new and never used and still with original box in perfect condition.

The mechanic is just perfect. The body needs only some soft restore due some little scraths on decals and paint some little chips. The engine is a 22cc Robin. It is not a powerful engine due also this little muffler. But performance can be inproved with the optional pipe muffler. The engine still have the original paper plate on it.

The bosy is really well detailed with also the front side in plastic and not with decals

The package has still the fuel botle in his bag. Vey happy with this new arrive. It is one of my "Saint Graal" in this conditions.

2 commenti:

  1. Hi Johnny,

    really really beautiful model. Do you know somebody how want sold one of them?


  2. Ciao Domenico
    In caso ti faccio sapere.