giovedì 9 marzo 2017

Gundam Online Joystick

This is a rare set of Gundam online videogames for Windows 7. Gundam online is an incredible game that you can play only in Japan (on Japanease server). You can do a battle with two team of 52 mecha each.
In the rest of world the game has not been released but you can play with a VPN to trick the Japanease server.

There is a second game (a strategy game) called Gundam Diorama Front.

If you are a Gundam's fam you must play at these two games.  They can be downloaded for free from bandai/namco server.

I got this set that have a joystick with the lines and colors of a green Zaku and a copy of the game.

I'm using the game on a Imac with Windows 10.

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