mercoledì 15 marzo 2017

Tomy Lancia Stratos 1/12

This is a very rare Lancia Stratos in 1/12 scale released by Tomy in the 1978 about his radica A serie.

It is new in box and the decals have to be still attached. It is an awesome car because the throttle and steering is 100% proportional like modern rc car (it is from 1978!!).

The car have the real sound of engine of 1/1 car when the car begin rush, change noise at different speed (awesome). The same when the car begin to reduce his speed. It has also the direction indicators, a working rear differential and soft wheels. The body is well detailed and reproduced.

I tried it only for few minutes to check if all is fine and it is a very pleasure to drive this vintage indoor car. Very very smooth driving.

Yes the car needs lots of batteries like you can see in the pics.

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