sabato 30 marzo 2013

Ertl Precision Key Series International 5488

Here is the 1/16 die-cast farm tractor International From Ertl Precision Key Series. In my opinion is really a masterpiece; a very heavy tractor with loads of metal on it of course. Details are amazing. The front engine door can be opened, like the two lateral doors and rear windows.

Like a previous post, always in this blog, i bought also the International 1455XL by Universal Hobbies in the same scale but the general quality is not good like this Ertl. You can see a pic of this 1455xl tractor here below.



martedì 26 marzo 2013

Tomei Ti Exhaust

Last week i fit this decat full 80mm titanium exhast by Tomei on my Subaru Impreza SPEC C Type RA. I changed it with my old 76mm Miltek. The difference of weight is about 10 kg.

The price in Japan is good also due to nice exchange rate on the market of this period

With this exhuast i got about 15/20ps more than miltek. It is very very loud; about 105 db at idle and 125/130 at full throttle.

lunedì 25 marzo 2013

Universal Hobbies International 1455XL in 1:16

Here is my die-cast Universal Hobbies International 1455XL in 1:16 scale. It is in limited edition. Only 2000 pieces worldwide. The real tractor comes form 1983. My model is the no. 544 producted.

This model is well painted with a lot of details. I'm not fully happy due to door and rear window. They cant be opened like the ertl 1:16 prestige series. The price is very similar to ertl so i cant understand why UH choiced this bad option.

In the pics you can se also my other 1:32 International tractor by Schuco and the very nice (and heavy) 1:16 International 5488 by Ertl Key prestige. Yes here you can open the two lateral doors and rear big window.



sabato 23 marzo 2013

Gundam Unicorn OAV 4, 5

Here is the last OAVs that i bought from Gundam Unicorn series. The are DVD number 4 and 5.

Some days ago has been released in Japan, and in the same time in my country, the anime number 6. The last movie of this awesome saga will be released only last year.


lunedì 18 marzo 2013

Acer Revo RL100

For my Panasonic VT30 plasma tv i was looking for a blu-ray with region free option. I have found a full media center pc by Acer; his name is Revo RL100. It is a full pc with Windows 7 S.O. with a lot of nice features and with a dvd/blu-ray player inside him. The price was the 50% off of normal value so i bought it with "close eyes".

Here is the main spec:

AMD Athlon™ II Neo dual-core processor
NVIDIA® nForce® 520 LE chipset
2 GB of DDR3 1333 MHz SDRAM
NVIDIA® ION™ graphics solution
HDMI™ output port
SATA 3 Gb/s hard disk 500 GB

Like you can see the design of this pc is like a sony playstation 2. The pc can be located both in vertical and horizontal position.
The remote control is very nice wireless tablet and it can be switched from keyboard to mouse. Of course if you use this mediacenter like a normal pc is better replace it with a normal wireless keyboard.

This media center is just perfect for my use. I can download lots of movies, anime and i can see them directly on my panasonic VT30.

sabato 16 marzo 2013

JR Propo XG6 set

I already own different Jr propo Radio and now i bouth this XG6 for use it with my old Reflex simulator. It comes with high range RG613B receiver.

Also this radio use the new Jr 2.4 Ghz technology called FMSS. This spektrum technology is bi-directional so the display of radio can receive some infos from rx like voltage, speed, altitude of model and other.

The attached manual is really well made and full with all infos you need for program this amazing RC.

giovedì 14 marzo 2013

REFLEX XTR RC ait simulator

I bought this rc simulator in the 2004 at the time it was the best rc airplane and helicopter simulator for this realistic graphics and real flight characteristics. You can use your normal rc radio with this simulator thanks to his key interface.

You can choice from ep to turbine helicopter. The same with airplane; from little 3d ep indoor to bigger 240cc airplane. The same about scenary from indoor to outdoor flight field.

My original Reflex XTR cd included the version compatible for windows XP. So i downloaded from REFLEX site the lasted version for Windows 7 and with my original blu key i installed it on my Acer Revo Rl100 Media Center.

On my 50' Panasonic plasma VT30 all seems true like on flight field.


martedì 12 marzo 2013

Go Nagai super robots movies

Some years ago i bought this Go Nagai' superobots movies from 1973 to 1976. They are the same movies that TOEI has released last december 2012 for the 40th anniversary of Mazinger Z tv serie, in blu-ray 1080p high definition

See this Toei memorial box here:
They movies are:

- Great Mazinger vs Getta Robot G
- Goldrake (Grendizer), Getta Robot G, The Great Mazinger VS Dragosaurus
- Mazinger Z vs Black General
- Mazinger Z Vs Devilman
- Great Mazinger Vs Grendizer
- Great Mazinger Vs Getta Robo.

There are also a Jeeg and Daimos movies released by mixing some episodes from their tv series.

These movie has been released in my country by CineHollywood