mercoledì 20 gennaio 2010

Dangaioh by Studio Half Eye

After a long time i found the Dangaioh By SHE. This is a really masterpiece and top model in my SHE collection.

This mecha has been released in only 400pieces worldwide.

domenica 17 gennaio 2010

GETTER ROBO Perfect Change by SHE

Here is the first version of the Getter Robot released in the end of  '90 by Studio Halfeye. The 3 getter machines can join and transform in the Getter 1, 2 and 3 like the anime TV serie.

In the pics below you can see the Getter 1 and 3 robot. For these transformations you dont need remove or add parts from Getter machine.

It is and incredible model. Like all SHE, Hajime Takashima (head of Studio HalfEye), used resin for build this model.

domenica 3 gennaio 2010

New year... GAIKING THE GREAT by Studio Halfeye

These are the Gaiking the great's mechas complete set release by Studio Halfeye. At today it is a very rare and ultra expensive robot.

Is pretty impossible to find the 3 Gaiking togheter. Like the anime serie the 3 robot can join and become "Gaiking the Great".