lunedì 29 aprile 2013

Nine Eagles EC145 four blades

This is the masterpiece of Nine Eagles micro helicopter. A true EC145 in German police colors with four blades and variable pitch so you can do also some acrobatic figures like loopings and rolls.

The quality of kit is amazing with true servos on washout. I choiced the kit version with nine eagles 2.4 ghz univeral module, called "General Link". So i can use this 2.4 module also on my JR XG8 and i can use ALL nine eagles helicopter. I already own the little solo pro 270 and the 328. So it is a true pleasure use those heli with my XG8 radio.

The Kit comes with also brushless motors (main rotor and tail) and a 3.7v 600mha battery.

Hirobo of Japan produce some micro helies, like this, with some nice scale bodies but their prices are crazy. This EC145 kit complete with 2.4 module is bargaign.

giovedì 25 aprile 2013

Hirobo Eagle SST with SSR Head and Kalt Jet Stream

I bought this Hirobo Eagle SST with an SSR head in the 1991. It was one of top F3C helicopter of time. For this mechanic i bought also an original Kalt Jet Stream "fuse" already painted in the factory. Infact his finish is just perfect. Now after about 20 years the colors of Jet Stream are still like new.

I'm restoring the mechanics and i just fitted a new "OS61 World Champion" version. I hope to finish this project soon and fly again this this awesome helicopter.


lunedì 22 aprile 2013

Nintendo 3DS XL Pikachu limited edition

Here is my Nintendo 3DS Xl in Pikachu yellow color. It is a limited edition and from some weeks it is complete sold out here.

i got some pics and they are below.

sabato 20 aprile 2013

Nintendo DS Mario Kart bundle

Here is my old Nintendo DS portable console in Mario Kart game bundle. The console comes in a nice red color.

Of course a set of Mario Kart game is included in the package. I bought it last year at a fraction of original price in a discount store.

giovedì 18 aprile 2013

Last Nintendo 3ds games

In the last weeks i bought these Nintendo 3DS bestseller games. They are:

- Luigi Mansion 2
- Monster Hunter Ultimate 3
- Castevania - Lords of Shadow - Mirror of fate.

All games are very nice and is a true pleasure play them on 3DS. Luigi Mansion is a new version of old Luigi Mansion release, at the begining of 2000, for the Nintendo Gamecube. Monster Hunter, in Japan, is a true hit and every release sell a lot. The game play is a bit old but japanease people loves this serie.

lunedì 15 aprile 2013

New japanease train magazines

Here is the last "mook" release in Japan some weeks ago about the new E6 shinkansen. This book show all characteristics of the nicest of all Japanese shinkansens with a lot of infos and big pics. The book have also some parts about other Shinkansen like the 300, zero and other E(x) MAX series.

Then a issue of RM Model the best model railroad magazines. So a lot of pics, infos about japanease new release about train models in scale "N" and "HO".

venerdì 12 aprile 2013

Nine Eagles Solo pro 328

Here is a nice solo pro 328 helicopter from Nine eagles. This is an indoor/outdoor helicopter. A nice choice after an solo 270 experience. It flies always with a 3.7v lipo battery but with a capacity of 500 mha.

The box comes with all you need to fly. So from 2.4 ghz radio to battery and charger and a pair of spare blades.

The Nine eagles 328 is always a fixed pitch helicopter but due to bigger size he can fly well also outdoor with no problem. In the last pics you can see the 328 size compared with the little solo pro 270 and new brushless EC145 4 blades with variable pitch. This last helicopter is really and incredible model. I will post on my blog a new thread as soon as possible about this new nine eagles released.

lunedì 8 aprile 2013

Kyosho Concept 60 SR with Ranger body

Just receive this rare Kyosho Concept 60 SR with an original Jet Ranger fusolage always by Kyosho. The Ranger body is in plastic material (abs). The mechanis has a metal head (SR) and not in plastic like the first version of Concept 60.

The hely has arrived to me very dirty. After a fast cleaning now is almost in like new conditions. A Webra 61 engine has attached to mechanic and his piston is just perfect. I will change his old JR 4041 servos and i will try it in the air.

I bought also an original Kyosho muffler for scale body and a new Concept 60 SR canopy with SR & SR II decals.

 At those years no 120° system on cyclic servos. So only one servos for move pitch.