lunedì 26 marzo 2012

NEC PC Engine LT with CD-rom2

Here is my mint portable Pcengine LT. I think i bought this set at the end of 90'. Here it's attached to Nec Cdrom.

Sometime i still switch on this wonderfull portable console. The great feature of this console is that you can use the same games, on cards and disk, of pc engine home console. I own different version of pcengine and in the next time i will post pics about them.

Last saturday it used with SuperDarious disk.

venerdì 23 marzo 2012

Philips CD-I player

Some pics of my vintage Philips CD-I player (compact disk interactive) in  very good general conditions.
The games of this console are, in few words, like a laser game; so a real cartoon where you can take control of the game only in some points of it.

The Games that i own are:

- Dragon's Lair
- Space Ace
- Dragon's Lair II
- Escape from cybercity
- Kingdom
. Voyeur

giovedì 22 marzo 2012

DRagon Ball Z Tenkaichi limited edition for Xbox360

Never seen this DragonBall Z Tenkaichi limited edition for Xbox360 in my country. Only PS3 has been available last year. So during a recent trip in Swiss i bought it without think two times.

venerdì 16 marzo 2012

Capcom Resident Evil revelations for nintendo 3DS

I just bought this game for my 3ds. It is the Resident Evidel Revelations version with circle pad. Here is some pics.

mercoledì 14 marzo 2012

TFC Hercules (Devastator) - PART 2

Last weeks has arrived the last two TFC mecha so now i can join them, with other four, in the mighty Hercules Devastator. For this you have to wait the part III. Now i'm busy in other things :-).

Here is The Neckbreaker and Madblander:

lunedì 12 marzo 2012

Hirobo Sceadu 50 EP Sinus conversion - Part I

Here is my old Hirobo Sceadu 50 with an EP conversion good for 10S li-po (37v) called Sinus. I bought both about 4 years ago and has never flown. At time i fit 4 JR DS8301 servos with a PCM10X. The EP motor is a german brushless outrunner flyware 600 light.

Now i bought the missing parts:

- 5s 5000mha li-po 35C packs x 2 by Hyperion
- Futaba GY520 gyro with S9253
- Castle Creation ICE2 HV 80 esc
- Radix blades

Like wrote in the previous post, last week,  i bought also a new JR radio; The 2.4 ghz XG8 an incredible good radio for the price.

Now hope to have time in the next days for final setup and then fly the Sinus.

lunedì 5 marzo 2012

Model expo fair of Verona

Last week end i went to Model expo fair. Of course i did some purchase. I have an Hirobo Sceadu heli and some years ago i converted it in EP version with an big Flyware 600 light motor good for 10S lipo wild power. But it has never flown.

Now i bought the parts missing so i hope to have time in the next week for finish it. I bought:

- New JR XG8 2.4 radio (Black version) with a second rx; a RG611b
- Two mach35 5s 35C lipo packs; they use hyperion (enerland) inside
- Futaba GY520 gyro. I will use it with an S9253 servo that i already own.
- Castle creation ICE2 80HV ESC
- Digswitch by Powerbox for costant 5.5v from a 2s lipos on RX system on hely.

Wiking Fendt 936 Vario Max Wild limited edition and UH Landini 10800.

Last saturday i bought this two tractors in Model expo fair of Verona. They are both in limited editions. They are:

Wiking Fendt 936 Vario Max Wild limited edition (2000 pieces); It is the "dirty" version of 936.

Universal hobbies Landini 10800 (1000 pieces)

domenica 4 marzo 2012

Tamiya mini4wd cars

From last month my children began to watch an old anime serie called "Let's&go" so now they love mini 4wd cars. Here is some mini 4wd cars i bought for my children and for me.
Avante MkII with pro chassis and lots of spare parts in the trasparent bag.
Avante MKIII race ready set with pro chassis and high powered motor
Mini 4wd vs chassis evo I limited edition with frp chassis 
Slash reaper