mercoledì 30 gennaio 2013

Schuco CASE IH 1455XL and ROS Fiat 1580

Some weeks ago i bought these two die-cast two farm agriculture machines in classic 1/32 scale. They are the ROS Fiat 1580 2wd and the SCHUCO Case International 1455XL 4WD. The real tractors comes from '80.

In my opionion both are really well made with good paint (Especially the Schuco tractor) and with very nice details. Like usually with collectors tractors all the doors and rear windows can be opened like the real one.

In a pics you can see also the Wiking Claas 5000 Xerion in black limited edition and the John deere rotoballer 990. CHek in my blog for a previous thread about them.

sabato 26 gennaio 2013

Schuco farm tractor Case 1255XL limited edition

I love Vintage 1/32 scale farm agriculture tractor. So i cannot miss this Schuco Case IH 1255XL. It is one of my favourite tractor. Great paint and details like usual from Schuco factory.

It is 4000 pieces worldwide limited edition. It is the number 3491 from his label.



mercoledì 23 gennaio 2013

TFC Uranos

New TFC big release; after the Hercules (see the mark on this thead to see it), aKa Transformers Devastator, here is the first mecha of big combined Superion. 

This mecha can be transformed from mecha to F4 "phanton" airplane and in the right arm of big "Superion".

I will wait for the release other robos before open the box and play the this mecha.


lunedì 21 gennaio 2013

New Tomica plarail advance train

Just released in Japan these new Shinkansen train in new plarail advance (n ncale) format.

They are the nice E4 MAX in classic white/blu and yellow color and the E2 and E3 train.

I added also some pics of other plarail advance set that i own.


sabato 19 gennaio 2013

New Toy Plarail train and tracks

Here is the Tom plarail material just arrived some weeks ago. They are the:

- Eleved plarail circuit with big iron bridge,
- the big D51 train with track inside
- train super hakucho

I already have the big N700 station that can be combined with the D51 old style train.


The eleved track with iron bridge and Super Hakucho train on it
The D51 train and the big N700 station

mercoledì 16 gennaio 2013

Perfect change "Dai-Sword" By Studio Halfeye

The new masterpiece from Studio Halfeye (Mr Takashima san) is called Dai-Sword. This mecha can be transformed in humanoid, weapon and beast mode. Like every perfect change the kit is very expensive due to high quality parts, paint, complicated transformation, etc. Every single piece has assembled by hand in Japan. The mecha comes form an Japanease manga unknow in my country.

I love every time i open a box of a SHE mecha with his characteristic smell of fresh paint.

This time Mr Takashima, like bonus, has included a little dai-sword in gold color in every box bought directly in his factory. The mecha has been released in Japan some months ago but only now has arrived to me from a friend.

In this period have not time to transform the dai-word in mecha and dragob mode so for now i can admire it in this original "sword" mode. The sword seems really real and it is high. you can see a pic with a lighter near the dai-sword.

The Dai-Sword in weapon mode on his support

The Beast mode on manual

domenica 13 gennaio 2013

Tomy Intruder EX with paint body

I bought this car last year and some weeks ago i painted the body in the same color schema of Tomy factory car.
This car is one of the best buggy of my whole collection. I have two Intruder EX. The other one i left the body unpainted.

Some pics 

Here is the link of previous post with the two Tomy EX.


The EX with a Yokomo superdogfighter '97 with Masami color





The Tomy Ex, the Yokomo MX4 and the nice Kyosho Lazer ZX