sabato 29 gennaio 2011

GaofighGar by StudioHalfEye

Here are some pics pf my S.H.E. Gaofighgar Fusion with his GOLDIONHAMMER (in limited edition with extra parts). The box comes with also two original signatures by the  god mecha designer Hajime Takashima. Those signatures has been done, under my eyes, during my holiday in Japan last year.

lunedì 24 gennaio 2011

Ripmax 1:43 rc cars

Here is some pics of my old ripmax 1:43 cars collection. They are still very nice and well painted. The front and rear lights can be switched on from remote control. For a 10 years ago set is not a bad feature.

The cars in my collection are:

-Evo VII
-Carlson Skyline R34
-Xanavi Skyline R34
-Subaru Impreza

domenica 23 gennaio 2011

venerdì 21 gennaio 2011

New aibo in the collection

Just landed from Japan this aibo in limited "purple" version; of course "her" name is Violet.

domenica 16 gennaio 2011

sabato 8 gennaio 2011

Mini Z news

Some pics of mini z new arrives; The monster and off road chassis in 2.4 ghz

and some new bodies for mr03/awd chassis