giovedì 29 agosto 2013

Schuco Montage Tyrell F1

Here is another Schuco beauty from '70. It is a new Tyrell F1 car with spring motor. The kit comes also with his with turn key and mini wrench. 

The mechanic of car is awesome with his nice rear differential and working suspensions system. I own other cars from "montage" serie. Check them in my blog. The quality pic on the box is like usually awesome.

lunedì 26 agosto 2013

Fewture Gatghaspartan

A pair of weeks ago i received the lastest Fewture release. It this the Gathaspartan from vintage anime "Gatghaman" TV serie. The 5 airplane can be combined in the big plane called " Gathaspartan".

It is a nice released with good quality parts and well painted. The most important is that there is a lot of metal on these models.

From this anime serie i own also the previous model released last year alwasys from Fewture; It is the God Phoenix airplane. See the following picture.


sabato 24 agosto 2013

Japanease car magazines

Here the lastest issues of Jap magazine "Option" and "Option 2", that has arrived to me some weeks ago.

Like usually lot of nice pics and lastest car's parts released in Japan. Nice article about hi-powered R35 GTR on sandai circuit.

lunedì 19 agosto 2013

Hirobo Eagle 3 aocc EP

I bought this second hand Eagle 3 in new conditions. It is the hely no.3 of a professional F3C pilot of my country.

This the lastest version of Hirobo Eagle 3 AOCC. Virtualy it is the same mechanic that won the last F3C World Championship in Poland with Ennio Graber.

Of course the body is in carbon with the head, tail mechanism and other parts in nice blue anodized alluminium.

I will finish the hely in the following month with Black Shark III body.