lunedì 30 settembre 2013

Kyosho Peugeot 405 Rally GP

Here is my vintage Peugeot 405 Rally in 1:10 scale with 10 engine GP released by Kyosho at the begining of '90. It is a really rare and nice car. It new in box and complete with all parts and GP engine of course.

It is a 4wd car and it is the copy of car who join the rally competition in real scale.



sabato 28 settembre 2013

Hirobo Eagle SST with Kalt Jet Stream fusolage

Some days ago i restored my old Hirobo Eagle SST with SSR head fitted in a Kalt Jet Stream body of same period, circa 1990.

It is my first serious F3C helicopter of that time. I stripped the mechanic and rebuild all with new bolts, bearings, ecc. The body is not perfect but still nice. I used a OS 61H WC engine with a full Picco exhaust for more power.

Mr Sitar from Austria supplied me two pairs of blades of that time. They are still the best Blades for autorotation in my opinion and the Eagle fly really well.

Like gyro i fitted a vintage JR NEJ-900 gyro. here some pics.

giovedì 26 settembre 2013

Japanease vintage rc books

Here are two main Catalog about rc products sold in Japan during 1994 and 1997. Full Japanease production from rc cars, helicopters, boats to electronics like radio and esc. Every catalog has divided in two parts. The first one about the new models, of that year, for every category. The second part of book, there are the items still available but released in the previous years

There is also a little book, from 1989, with a comparison between the Tamiya Avante and Kyosho Optima and other cars like the Kyosho shadow. All their optional parts has showed. Enjoy with the pics.