venerdì 24 febbraio 2017

Hirobo 890kv motor

Here is a Hirobo 890kv motor that i will fit in a old Vertol GP for an EP conversion. It is the same of Shuttle EP conversion.

So i will use it with a 80A esc and 6s lipo  (2 x 3s packs). With this configuration i can use the vertol stock gear ratio because i will the same rpm of original OS37 GP engine but with more power and torque.

The motor comes with his support for and easy fitting on the Vertol.

here is the Vertol that i have to restore.

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  1. I have a Hirobo chinook, I would like to convert into electric also, I would like to ask where is the motor mount comes from, thank you for the advice

  2. i bought it in Japan; it is the Hirobo shuttle EP conversion kit and it fit also with the Hirobo Vertol (first version of 1988).

  3. Can you please show the detail of installing the EP kit. Thank you so much.

  4. Check the blog in the following weeks. When i will begin the restore i will load new pics.


    1. Can you please go to the page you have your thunder shot COMPLETE KIT and see my question to answer? I have nobody who will tell me anything and you are the only other person with this kit that I have two of. There is also a Sonic Fighter compplete kit at a cheap price if interested