martedì 9 febbraio 2010

New Studio Half Eye mecha

Just arrived fom Japan these Studio Halfeye masterpieces!!!

They are:
Getter robot perfect change chrome (renewal version); it needs no presentation.
The black Gaiking
Shoulawga (really the last she robot at today).

Both the Gaiking than Shoulawga are in limited edition with special add from factory

martedì 2 febbraio 2010

The Studio HalfEye perfect change BLACK getter

Here is my rare perfect change Getter Robot by Studio Halfeye in black color limited edition.

Like every SHE "perfect change" the mecha can be transformed like the anime without remove any parts. Yes it is an incredible item. It is made with resin and of course it is fragile.

It is a super expensive model and it is released really in few number. I own other Studio halfeye mechas so if you want try to search them in my blog, clicking the tags on the bottom of this page.