giovedì 31 agosto 2017

Mitsubishi EVO X

Here a nice rc toys landed from Japan. It is a Mitsu EVO X. It is only a children rc toy but it is really nice and  not available in my area and not easy to find outside of Japan.

From same serie i have also a rare Honda NSX.

martedì 29 agosto 2017

New Splatoon Nintendo Amibo

In the last weeks has been released some new amibo about NintendoSplatoon 2 videogames. here a re boy and girl Ink.

The gloss paint is very nice. As usual these amibo can unlock new weapons and dress in the Splatoon 2 videogames.

giovedì 24 agosto 2017

RC japanease & videogames magazines

With the last load of japanease magazines has arrived Hobby Magazine, Nintendo mag and RC magazine.
With RC magazine there is a nice present; a wide lent for for tablet or phone camera. On Hobby magazine usually tons of ,mecha from Gundam world.



martedì 22 agosto 2017

Black Hawk UH-60A

This toy is a vintage simulator of a Black Hawk UH-60A helicopter in brand new condition.

It is very nice and works perfectly. There is a true rc radio for control the helicopter. The helicopter can lift up and down with his fix pitch (positive) with different rotor speed like the rc hely.

The hely comes with two or four main rotors blades.

venerdì 18 agosto 2017

Japanease car magazines

From lastest load of japanease magazines, the car magazines landed.

In the issue 8, 9 of Option magazines there are some review of lastest big powered tuned Mitsu EVO with an amazing EVO VI TME with 2.2 stroker and borgwarner turbo capable of 700ps.

There is a nice article of about new HKS turbo that will replace the T51 SPL and T04Z; they are the new GTIII-5R and GTIII-4R. The new turbos now have the Mitsubishi core and not the Garett like the previous turbos.

In the new Hyper rev mook the lastest infos about the Madza RX7 (FD3S) with new parts, new tuned car with the best japanease tuner of this car.