lunedì 29 luglio 2013

Kyosho F1 Brabham Yahama BT60Y

Just arrived this new in box 1991 kit from Kyosho.

It is a Brabham Yahama BT60Y. It is complete with all parts, decals and manual.

domenica 28 luglio 2013

Last sunday

For fun i run these ep cars last sunday. They are the big 1/5 scale HPI Vader Maverick with 6s lipo, a Vintage Tamiya Thunder Dragon and a DF-03RA rally chassis with Mitsu evolution V.

mercoledì 24 luglio 2013

Hacker A50-12L

I bought this used Hacker A50-12L for a new heli project. This motor can run with 10/12S and has 640kv. The domestic is very nice due to carbon finish. This brushless motor has also a fan on the bottom for better cooling.

If i dont change idea i will fit this motor on a modified Kyosho Caliber 60. Stay tuned.

lunedì 22 luglio 2013

A load of Kyosho vintage helicopters from Japan.

Only an highlight; i will put more pics on a new thread in the next weeks. Some days ago has landed this load from Japan for my Kyosho vintage helicopter collection.

They are a MINT Kyosho Concept 60 SRII Carbon frame kit and two Kyosho concept 30 fusolages; a Hughes 300 and 500. All new and boxed.

sabato 20 luglio 2013

Shin Getter Robo "The last day" Bluray editions

Just re-release in my country this awesome serie from Getter Robo saga. It is the Shin Getter Robo "The Last Day". It is the complete serie with 13 episodes. This version is the collector editions on 3 blu-ray disc.

This special editions comes with a nice book with some original draws and descriptions. Also some cards are included.

giovedì 18 luglio 2013

JR Tags-01 and Futaba BLS254

I bought a used JR triple axis gyro system Tags-01 with a new futaba tail BLS-254 servo. This gyro can be used on flybarless and 3-blades rotors.

I bought this gyro because i'd want to buy a K&S 3-blades rotor to fit in one of my 700 class helicopter. More soon on this chanel.

mercoledì 17 luglio 2013

Kyosho AXEL 60 body for Concept 60 serie

Just arrived from Tokyo this vintage body for Kyosho concept 60 SR (mid of '90).

It is a frp fuselage called AXEL 60 (Accelerator in USA). It is painted in factory by kyosho with same Concept 60 colors; so met. purple, pink and met. gold.

It is a very rare body. It was used in F3C competitions. Released in Japan only.

With the fusolage has arrived also his concept 60 SR II mechanic with a SR head. The Helicopter comes with some nice Zeal "gold" upgrade on washout arms and tail .

domenica 14 luglio 2013

Yokomo YZ-10 buggy '93 version

Some weeks ago i bought this used 1/10 Yokomo YZ-10 buggy release in the 1993. I stripped the car and now i'm restoring the car with good cosmetic results.

In the first pics (with pink wheels) the car how was when landed in my home. The following pics after the cleaning job. The following step is search for a good body.

giovedì 11 luglio 2013

TFC Uranos F15, SR-71 and X-47 airplane

These are the second and third releases from TFC about their new tranformer big URANOS. Theu has been released on the market some month ago. I already  have the first release so The F4 phantom.

Still  two planes before to join them in the big Uranos Mecha.

I already own the first big TFC mecha Hercules released last year (click on th TFC tag at the bottom of page)

lunedì 8 luglio 2013

Some presents from Japan

One of my friend visit the Tokyo area last april and he got some nice presents for me.

So Hobby Japan magazine with attached the a kit of the bust about Gundam Unicorn. They visited also the Gundam in 1/1 in Odaiba island and got some nice papers and a SD gundam from official shop. Of course he drank also some drinks in Gundam Cafè so some nice gadgets from there.