venerdì 29 novembre 2013

Funtech Staysee III with Hirobo Eagle Aocc

Here a little highlight about my new Staysee III fusolage, in green color. I'm fitting an awesome Hirobo Eagle III AOCC with SSZ-V head in this body. More pics will be available in a future post when i will finish the job.

Here below the link about the Staysee and Eagle when landed to me.

In the pics you can see also a Jr Sylphide 90 GP converted in EP with an original K&S conversion kit.

mercoledì 27 novembre 2013

New cars magazine set from Japan

Last month has landed a new load of japanease cars magazine like Option, Option 2 and GTR magazine. Here some highlights about Option2.

There is a very nice yellow Honda S2000 by J's Tuner and some Skyline GTR drag cars with over of 1000ps. Another nice article is about a tuned Honda NSX with 800ps.

lunedì 25 novembre 2013

New mecha dvd OAV

Here is the lastest Evangelion movie released in my country. It is the Evangelion: 333 you can (NOT) redo and it is the 3rd oav of serie. Next year will be release the next and last 4th movie. These new OAVs has been released for better understand the complicated story of original TV serie of '90.

Then the other DVD is about a mini-serie about Getter Robo saga. This is the Neo Getter robo VS Shin Getter Robo.

Both the DVDs are well made and very rich with cards and booklets full of pics and news about the series.


sabato 23 novembre 2013

New Tamiya mini4wd cars

Last week i bought these nice (and cheap)  mini4wd cars for my childrens. They are the Diomars-nero and the Desert-golem.

Both have a very particular body.


lunedì 18 novembre 2013

CM's Brave 40 Grendizer

Some days ago has arrived to my home this Grendizer released by CM's, in european limited edition for Italy and France. It is the Brave no. 40. This limited edition included a TFO model and it has the anime colors with yellow horns. The normal versions, of tis Brave, comes with horns in gold color and not in anime yellow.

My Grendizer has not big cosmetic troubles like seen in some forum; like important scratchs and lines on body or serious problem with the paint on the mecha.

I'm happy with this, it is the definitive Grandizer mecha. I got some pics also big old Bandai GX-04s. The Cms is really much better. Lots of metal on it and really well made like proportions and mecha size. The box is really huge!!!

giovedì 14 novembre 2013

Kyosho Caliber 60 - PART I

Some months ago i bought this used Kyosho caliber 60. It was one of the best and expensive helicopter of end of 90'. At the time his price was about 3000$ only for the mechanic. Now I stripped the hely for a good cleaning.

I think i will rebuild it with a EP conversion by Dwiligh Shilling. I will fit a 640kv motor and 12S lipos. I have the original canopy and an another new with decals. A caliber 60 helicopter is very rare machine.