lunedì 29 ottobre 2018

F3C helicopters

Here some of my F3C helicopters (vintage and modern) that have flown last summer.

They are an Hirobo SST-Eagle from 1990 and a moderm Eagle 3 Aocc EP.

A Kyosho Concept 60 SR2 from 1996 and an Awesome Kyosho Caliber 60 from 2000.



lunedì 22 ottobre 2018

JR Propo XG14 radio

I just bought for a fraction of full price this JR XG14 radio, new in box. One of the flagship radio from JR Propo.

The quality is amazing anc the stick movements are really smooth and precise. The radio can use the new X-bus system. I own also a XG8 in Gray. The XG14 is in silver color.

I bought also 3 Futaba BLS252 and 1 BLS251 to fit them in one of my F3C helicopter.



martedì 16 ottobre 2018

SNK NeoGeo Mini

This is the period of Classic console in mini format; Before Nintendo with NES and SNES mini, now the turn of SNK with an incredible NeoGeo mini with 40 games inside.

I own also the original console that i bought at that time. Take a look here:

I'm really speechless the quality is very nice. The screen little but it is awesome with bright colors. you can play really well in this little screen or with a HDMI cable paly on your TV.

This is the internation version with the most famoust beat'em up game like, Art of fighting, World Heros, Fatal fury, Samurai showdown., etc. But also games like Metal Slug, Robo Army, King of the Monster and many more.

For me it is one of the best purchase of this year.


lunedì 8 ottobre 2018

Rave 90 ENV

Here my Rave 90 Env EP by Curtis Youngblood. It is brand new only build. It is a good helicopter for 3D and F3C fly style, of course with different setup..

I bought it for a bargaign. It is the EP version of Rave 90.

Very nice machine

lunedì 1 ottobre 2018

The making a new hobby room

Too Many toys and rc items in my main home so i have to  move the rc items in other location.

The die-cast chogokin and other items will be remain in my house...

So Rc Helicopter,  rc cars, buggy and more will be moved to a secret place. It will be a true adventure.

In the following pics the situation of these days. Just finish the wall of vintage helicopers new in box and the room of magazines.

Yes the adventure is just begin..