lunedì 13 febbraio 2012

Nikko Super Sprint & Brat kits NIB (1/10) - PART 1 ****

During the golden era of japanease 1/10 Off road buggy Nikko released, in the second half of 80', some buggy also for serious competitions. It was the Super sprint, the Dandy dash and the super rare Brat.

Here is the kits of my super sprint and the brat NIB (full version).

The quality of this Super Sprint is very good better compared to some Tamiya buggy of the time (for example a Boomerang). Full ball bearings set, Suspension in aluminium and belt drive.  It's not a 100% pure racing buggy but the components of kit are fine.

If you added the upgrade "Brat Works conversion kit 1" this car could become the super competition buggy "The Brat" (see the other my article here:

An original brochure of time

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  1. Hi. Check out our site
    I would love to get a scan of the super sprint.
    I would even give you a couple copies of the decals free when I make them. We work very closely with donators and I would love to add these decals to our collection
    Email us
    I look forward to working with you

  2. I found your page by randon, Super Sprint I had when I was a kid...Brat was my dream RC did you purchase an intact KIT ? and where can i buy? I am looking the flames of the super sprint decals for a contemporary RC that I have

  3. Hi
    Is pretty impossible to buy these buggies new in box. Now the prices are very very high.

  4. Hello,
    I just saw your post on your NIKKO TECs and I would like to know if you have any for sale? I already have all the Dandy Dash and am looking for a Super Sprint as well as a Brat and Brat Kit for my personal collection. Thank you in advance for your answer.