domenica 28 settembre 2014

K&S 818 head FBL

This is a rare version of k&s 818 released in the '90. Like the "normal" 818 head it has the particular flapping system of blades. If a blade holder go up the holder of other side, go dowm. The two sides are connected by a particular sled.

The big difference is that this head is a true flybarless system, a great innovation for that time. This head can be fitted in any 60 class helicopter for better performance.

This this the link on my blog for normal 818 head

venerdì 26 settembre 2014

Taya TE-1000 head

This is a rare vintage rc helicopter head from Japan. It was a nice upgrade for Kyosho concept 60 and for every 60 helicopter class. It is a masterpiece. This head hase been engineered, in the second half of '90, by the first F3C world champion Shigetada Taya the father of many Kalt, Kyosho and the Raptor hely.

The most interesting thing is the indipendent flapping system of blades. With this head better performance in hovering and with F3C aerobatics.


mercoledì 24 settembre 2014

Another Kyosho Concept 60 carbon frame

I love Kyosho caliber and concept vintage helicopters. In these days i m restoring another Caliber 60 Carbon Frame. Now it is almost like new. it arrived to me in pieces and with a lot of missing parts after a crash more that 15 years ago.

I restored it with all new kyosho original spare parts (very hard to find). I fitted a restored OS60 WC engine with a new Hatori mufler, a JR G660T , 3 JR NES4231 servos with a 2700g like tail servos.

In the last pics you can see this restored Concept 60 with the other carbon frame i own.

If you search in my blog you can find others Concept 60 in new conditions and new in box.

lunedì 22 settembre 2014

NIkko Sand Eagle C-5

This car was my dream when i was a young guy in the 1982. Now i got it in like new conditions. It it complete with all cards and box. This buggy is in 1/10 scale and has proportional commands. The car has a total of 6 gears, selectable with the switchs on the car, for best max speed for indor or outdoor use. Then the radio has two additional buttons; one for switch of/off the front and rear lights and the other one for open/close the wings doors. Awesome!!!

The white top canopy is a bit discolored due to his age but it is in very good condition (32 years old!!). What can i say happy this vintage car and now it is in my collection.

sabato 20 settembre 2014

New Wii games

With a discount of 50% i bought this old Nintendo games for the Wii console they comes from a old (new) stock. The games are Wario Land The shake dimension adn Kirby. The packages were still wrapped with plastic and it has still their codes for Nintendo points club inside.