lunedì 30 novembre 2015

TOMY AFX Suzuka slot circuit

Here is a brand new 4 lanes F1 Sukuza circuit from AFX serie released in the begin of '90 by Tomy. The set is really in like new conditions. It is really a huge set the Sukuza circuit is like the real one. You can build also other variations.

I tried a very short circuit for check that all works fine. In the kit are included 4 F1 cars of that time; a Benetton, a Layton House, a Lotus and a Williams

All papers, manual and catalogs are included.

giovedì 26 novembre 2015

RC FAN vintage Magazines

I found these two issue of japanese magazine "RC FAN". I bought them because there are two short preview of two of my preferred Kyosho helicopters; the Caliber 60 and the M50.

lunedì 23 novembre 2015

Jr E8 Leggero 3 blades system

Recently i bought two JR E8 Leggero (limited edition). One is built and ready to fly and comes with:

-Scorpion 4030-530 motor,
-Tags01 3 axis gyro,
-Jr DS8717 servos
-MB-351 3 blades head
-ThunderPower 6s x 2 battery

Just add a Kontronik esc and rc for fly. It is in like new conditions. The heli is the 12s version (6s thunderpower 3800x2), so it will be a real rocket in the sky.

The other one is 100% new and still in his box ready for build. It is the FBL version. See the other post for pics.

The old owner stopped to fly so i bought this awesome helicopter. Of course the quality of the parts are top with JR Hely-Divison. I have several Jr helicopter, like a converted ep Sylphide ep and Superio 90.

venerdì 20 novembre 2015

Jr E8 Leggero FBL

Some weeks ago i bought two JR E8 helicopter one almost ready to fly (see the next post on this blog) and this E8 FBL new in box. There is also his 3 axis gyro included (JR Tags01).

giovedì 19 novembre 2015

F3c 60 class helicopter's heads

Here below an example of F3C heads. They are a Hirobo SSR F3C head from 1988 and a Kyosho Caliber 60 's head from 1999.  The Hirobo head was for the Hirobo SST Eafle hely.

Both were top performance head for F3C acrobatic manouvers and 10 years and more are passed from the Hirobo SSR head and Caliber 60 Head. So you can see the different technology of this two top heads

In theirs ages were two masterpieces. Both are in 100% in metal. The Caliber head is very similar to now E12 Quest helicopter's head. One of the best nowadays rc helicopters for F3C.


lunedì 16 novembre 2015

Tomy Maglev Linear Liner

Here is a true news about model trains. This is the best Japanease toys of 2015. It is the Maglev Train release some week ago from Tomy.

Like the real maglev train, that did a successful test last february with a speed of over 500km/h, This toys can reach the same insane speed in his scale. Infact his station, included in the box, can show the speed of the train in every passage.

For now only i checked  that all parts was included and if really the train "floads" on his rails. And yes it works. Awesome. No batteries are required for this!

 In a next post i will take some pics about how it works. Here the link for pats 2: