lunedì 28 maggio 2012

The rc Impreza and the real thing.

Here is my two Subaru: a tamiya DF-03RA with and real Impreza SPEC C Type RA.

lunedì 21 maggio 2012

New magazines from Japan

Like usually i received  some japanease magazines about my hobbies.

Here are the last issues of:

- Option car magazine issue 05 2012
- Option II issues 04 05 2012
- Impreza Magazine issue 52
- GTR magazine issue 104
- RC magazine issue 05 2012
- Import tuner (usa car magazine) 06 2012

It's incredible how many news about new parts are in those Japanease car magazines every month; The quality and the pics inside the magazines are amazing; i love them.

From the date i bought my bnr34 & Impreza Spec c i collected every single issues of those magazines.

sabato 19 maggio 2012

Toei Dangard ACE series and Movies

Just released in Japan, in the last weeks, these new editions of Danguard Ace; so i bought them. It's one of my favourite tv anime series of 70'. One set has the first 12 episodes of Danguard Ace TV series splitted in two dvds.

The other dvd has the two movies released in Japan in the 1977; "Danguard ace and the army of robot insects" and the "Great battle in the space".

The first movie is a spin off from TV series. So no Doppler or "journey to Prometheus planet" but Danguard have to battle with the evil insects robot.  Second movie is a classic so a big battle with the Doppler force in the space.

Both the movies are 100% new so no scenes from tv series. The quality is amazing seems a recent anime and not a anime from 70'. The designs and colors are just perfect.

Danguard Ace TV series dvds

Danguard Ace movies

Danguad Aces Movies Menu

See the quality of colors and design

lunedì 14 maggio 2012

Hirobo Invader SR 1/10 buggy

This is a rare Invader buggy by Hirobo. It comes from 1989. The chassis is very similar ro Kyosho Optima. The body is amazing. It seems a space ship. I think it has been the first buggy with underside lexan body to protect the main chassis.

My Invader is a SR version so without Mabuchi RX motor. The version with this motor included has called Si.

Now the question is: Left it in the box or i have to build it?

In the last pics you can se the Invader with my other NIB Hirobo's car 1/12 Ashura.

sabato 12 maggio 2012

Tamiya Supershot rerelease 2012

It has been always one of my Tamiya favourite car in the past. So i bought this new tamiya new release of Supershot just available.

The European set has the tamiya bk104 esc and the GT motor included.

venerdì 11 maggio 2012

A few of 2012 catalog

Here is some 2012 catalog from Tamiya, Robbe,Kyosho and Hype. The general Tamiya catalog is really huge ans heavy.

giovedì 10 maggio 2012

Elaborare GT tuning magazine with my cars

Last week "Elaborare GT" magazine got a test with my 750ps Endless-r R34 GTR VSPEC and 420ps Subaru Impreza Spec c TypE RA cars for their car magazine in Modena Circuit.

Here is a little preview.

Heer is a short movie of the R34 Skyline GTR.

lunedì 7 maggio 2012

80' Game & Watch (Nintendo, Casio, Popy, Bandai)

I find it in a box in the garage and still working great with their box :-). The are some of my old Game&Watch from '80. In the details they are:

- Space Cobra professional by Popy: It's comes with his two lcd screen so the games has two separate level of game.

- Fire Panic By Casio; it uses solar energy like power and works still great. The man have to escape from fire.

- Hyper Ski by Bandai; The skier have to avoid the fox, rabbit and do a slalom. There is not joypad for go to right/left; you have to roll the console for the direction. a normal button for jump.

- Donkey Kong jr by Nintento; this is a particular console and comes from "panorama series", where the game is displayed in the top of console and you can see it thanks a mirror in the bottom