sabato 29 giugno 2013

GTR and LancerEVO magazines

With the last load of japanease magazines the GTR and LancerEVO magazines were included. Like every issue of those magazines a lots of new parts from GTR (all versions) and Lancer Evolution are showed.

Then interview to main japanease tuner scene and customers are present.

giovedì 27 giugno 2013

EFuel power supply 30A

For charge my powerful 6S lipo 5300mha, i need an realible powersupply for my Hyperior charger. So i bought this nice Efuel station with 30A of power. This is enought for charge two 6s lipo packs together.

This power supply comes with two separate outputs for two charger and two USB output where you can charge 1s li-po battery like cell. phone, an others.

lunedì 24 giugno 2013

Option Cars Magazines From Japan

Here is last load of Japanease car magazines landed some weeks ago.

Like usually Option and Option 2 are a great source about japanease tuning news. Load of racing parts for new ae86 and BRZ with new greddy turbo T518z kit, etc.

sabato 22 giugno 2013

Elaborare Magazine subaru preview

Some days ago some friends met elaborare magazine guys, in Modena cuircuit, for cool shoots. In the next future an article will be released on "Elaborare magazine". Of course the journalists of the magazine drove the cars for a full article.

The cars was 3 Subaru Impreza STI all in black color. Yes they are 3 wild panthers. Here is a short list about specs:

-Ej25 forged with APS full turbo kit TSR70 Twin Scrool with a power near  600ps
-Ej25 forged with  GT3582 turbo with about 500ps
-Stock Ej20 with a TD05 Turbo with about 420ps

All cars has been tuned by Nick the wizard of Marzabotto.


lunedì 17 giugno 2013

Lego 79104 The shellraiser street chase

Here a set of lego about Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. This anime serie was born in the 80'. Now Nickelodeon did a new seies in computer graphics. So Lego released new set about this new story.

The set include the Pizza Van and the big TMNT Shell raiser. Some minifigures has included and they are: dogpound, Michelangelo, Leonardo, the Kraang, and one foot soldier.

sabato 15 giugno 2013

Lego 6864 Batman and Two-face chase

The set is made up of three main parts; The bank, Two-Face's car, and the batmobile.

The bank  has a door on its left side above which is a black sign with yellow letters reading "BANK".

The bank has a large window that takes up most of the front wall. The window seems to be removable, to allow Two-Face's car to steal a green safe using its crane.

Two-Face's car follows his split-motif with orange on the its right side and purple on the left. The Batmobile is really very nice