giovedì 29 gennaio 2015

Option & Option II magazines

Here are the lastest issues of Japanease car magazine Option (12.2014 & 01.2015) and Option II (11 & 12.2014. 

Great highlights on Otrion about the WTAC race where HKS R35 GT1000 won the GTR R35 class and the Top Secret car got the second place. About PRO CLASS, Scorch Team with the 800ps Nissan Sylvia got a great final second place. Good places for the other Japanease teams with the 4th with the Honda S2000 and the 5th with the Madza RX 7, all in PRO CLASS.

Then the usually great articles and infos about japanease tuning world.



lunedì 26 gennaio 2015

Kyosho Caliber 60

This is the most awesome and finest F3C machine from end of '90. It is the Kyosho Caliber 60. The quality of this kit is still incredible. It was a great jump from old Kyosho Concept SRII technology to new Caliber 60 at time.Also big money for buy this kit when it has been released and only few kit's were available on the market.

His metal and carbon chassis made the weight of caliber the lighest F3C 60 helicoper of that time and maybe now.

I found this Caliber 60 still in perfect condition; after a hard cleaning now is really in like new conditions. I added 3 Futaba S9252 servos. The engine is a classic OS 60 with Futaba GV-1.

I already own another caliber 60 that i have to build, a Caliber 90 Ver 02 with a 06 Head converted in a EP machine and two Caliber M50; one built and one NIB. See the following link for check these machines,

venerdì 23 gennaio 2015

Walkera X350 Pro with Ilook+ and G2

Here is my Walkera quad X350 pro. I added his G2 Gimball and Ilook+ 1080 camera.

This Quad is cheap and really good with his stock GPS features like hold for hovering and return to home function. I upgraded the internal firmaware from 1.2 to 1.5 version and now much better. It get the GPS in few seconds.

It has Arduino electronics inside so it is compatible with Mission planner and it can be programmed with some waypoints on a map and other nice features available on mission planner app.