mercoledì 30 luglio 2014

Neogeo videogames console by SNK

In the begining of '90 the war of videogames consoles was fought by Nintendo, Sega, Nec and SNK. so no SONY or Microsoft.

Yes SNK released the rolls royce of the console of that era. His name was NEOGEO (AES). It was very very expensive console and the same for its games on cartridge. The price of console was about 600Euro and a game in a 100M cartridge, about 150/200 Euro. The Neo Geo was able to use up to 330M games.

Another innovation was that the SNK release also a version of neogeo (MVS) for public videogames room. So you could play the same game both in your home or in the pub. With a special memory cards you could save you progress in the home console and play them in the public console and viceversa.

In the last pics the games that i own for this awesome console. The game displayed in the TV is King of the Monsters 2. The NeoGeo was the best console for play beat' em up games.

I still have some SNK stamps and brochures about neogeo console and videogames.I bought my SNK neogeo about 22years ago and now with bad weather (in my country), i'm playing with it.

lunedì 28 luglio 2014

Max Sigalini Racing (MSR)

Some weeks ago i visited the factory of MSR (Max Sigalini Racing) that runs with very good results in the "vdev" proto championship.

Here their proto cars that are designed and built in my country. True racing cars with carbon chassis and with tuned Honda vtec 2.2 engine with about 300ps. The weight of the cars is only 500kg!

sabato 26 luglio 2014

Sony Aibo ERS-7

I dont remember how months (years?) ago i used this nice dog last time. But during last week end i used it a lot.  It is a Sony aibo ers-8 with mind 3 software. It is always ready to catch this ball or bone.

It it the last version released by Sony after the second mid of '00. I bought it used several years ago



giovedì 24 luglio 2014

Celebration for the 100.000 visit on my blog

Four years are passed from first post and today my blog has broken the 100.000 page's visit. Pls continue to check my blog in the future;  i will continue to post some awesome items, every week, that come from my personal collection.

To celebrate this goal here somerandom pics of my crazy collection. from japanease 1:1 scale cars to rc cars, bu tlaso rare rc helicopters, agriculture 1/32 die-cast model, chogokin from Bandai, Cm's, Ultraexpensive Studio Halfeye Mecha, Japanease magazines, Sony aibos and many many more.