lunedì 23 aprile 2012

My Jr Parkmite fleet

I bought this Jr Bell 412 set complete with Parkmite mechanic. The body is already well painted.

I already own two parkmite helis but without body. The parkmite, at  time, was the rolls roys of micro-heli. It's very similar to MS composit Hornet mechanic but with full aluminium parts; so not play, precise flight, etc.. The Heli was very very expensive but top quality. It was released in the mid of 2000's.

With Patkmite i use e-flite brushless motor, GY401 gyros, kontronic esc and 3s 1000 lipo pack. I added also the JR XG8 radio to my old "evergreen" PCM10X. The XG8 radio is really a masterpiece by JR :-).

sabato 21 aprile 2012

tamiya mini4wd japan cup junior circuit

Here an original tamiya circuit with 3 lane. It comes from an old stock so very low price for get it. But my childrens are happy with it.

The only problem is that evey time i have to mount and dismount the circuit due his big dimension.

Here is a short movie.

venerdì 20 aprile 2012

Tamiya Mini 4wd super XX chassis evo 1

Here is the mini4wd super XX chassis. In my country is sold out from a lot of time. I find it in a old toys shop. It's full of carbon and aluminium parts. I added a tamiya ultra dash motor.

Here you can see also a Shining Skorpion with Super II chassis.

mercoledì 18 aprile 2012

Tamiya F40 vintage car

Here is my original release F40 no. 58098 kit by Tamiya (not the released). It's a very nice car with his red chassis inside. The "Black motor" by Tamiya has attached. It's really a nice static car too like showed in the pics below.

lunedì 16 aprile 2012

Taiyo Top Turbo 315 vintage buggy

Some days ago during a trip i discoverd this old buggy in a bazar shop. It is Tayo top turbo 100% new and never used. Only the box had a lot of dust on it a it is a bit discolored due to his ages. I bought it at original price of time. I dont think it's really a rare rc car but i remember my green age.

By the way the car comes with two ep motor and differental. The car should be very fast with his turbo feature. Infact his name show his max speed; 31 km/h.

sabato 14 aprile 2012

Cms Brave 36 Pegas & Tekkaman

Here is mine Cm's Brave 36 Pegas & Tekkaman in anime and limited editions with metalized colors.

The pegas is very nice and made in die-cast and plastic, but Tekkaman is 100% plastic. So a expensive toy because too many plastic has been used in this chogokin. Last pic of Brave 36 this original dvd series by Dynit.

giovedì 12 aprile 2012

Bandai GX-04s Grendizer

Here is my old GX-04s Grendizer set by bandai. It is the complete set with all accessory and planes. Bandai will rereleased this set in the next summer.

I took a picture with also original dvd series by d-visual. The last pic the GX04s with Cms Gakeen and two rc techroid my Bandai (a DOM and GUN-tank)