lunedì 27 maggio 2013

Schuco Montage servo Mercedes vintage sets

Some weeks ago i found them in a local old hobby shop in my country. They are original schuco sets released in the first year of 70' and they are:

- Schuco Montage Servo Mercedes car
- Schuco Montage Servo Mercedes 408 truck

they are very rare in NIB format. The Mercedes 408 has still his original plastic wrapping inside and the box is really huge like you can see from the pics. Very happy about these purchases. The quality of kit is the top for those years. Of course these cars will remain NIB.

sabato 25 maggio 2013

Kyosho Caliber 90 ver.2002 EP

Last year i bought this used Kyosho Caliber 90 but in brand new conditions. Now i converted it in EP power. I fit the original EP conversion kit from Dwight Shilling (engine mount, pulley and belt) and i built a strong lipo battery holder with carbon and alu. I think the final result is very nice and realible.

Today did the maiden flight. The result is awesome the Caliber 90 is very fast ans stable during hovering step. For now i used it at max 1700 rpm of rotor. Max head speed for fast flight and aerobatics is 1900 rpm. 1.500 rpm is for hovering. No vibrations.

The main accessory that i used to finish this helicopter are:

- Castle creations 120HV ice2 esc
- Savox pro 550 motor
- Jr XG8 radio
- Digital Hitec servos
- Fullymax 22X 6s 5300mha x2
- Sab Blades
- Futaba GY611 gyro

lunedì 20 maggio 2013

Kyosho Hughes 500 concept EP full set

Some days ago i found this rare kit from Kyosho's golden era in brand new conditions. The kit included also a rare Jr/graupner heli esc of time, a "power mos 25" and an old dedicate Futaba G155 gyro.

At time Kyosho produced the helicopter bodies in white abs material. The Concept Ep mechanic was already build and so ready to be fitted in the hughes 500 fuse. I will flight the concept with his original canopy and with a life 3s 1300mha battery (9.9v). it is better of old 9.6v nicd battery; a little more power and li-fe is more ligher than old nicd packs. With this little li-fe pack i can fly for about 6 minutes.

The kit comes also with his training base set for learn to fly with the Concept EP. At the bottom of this post you can see the concept ep with stock canopy (new).

Is really incredible like this old ep helicopter flight well despite it is a project of end of 80'.

giovedì 16 maggio 2013

Some japanease magazines about RC hobbies

With car magazines landed here some weeks ago i bought also these other magazines about my rc hobby.

One is the annual Tamiya mook about their 2013 rc models; it is called "Tamiya RC perfect guide 2013".

Other mook is "RC air world 2013" about the lastest rc helicopter released in Japan. So you can see the best Jr helicopter, Quest, Hirobo, etc. Of course a lot of rc and mechanical set-up are showed int he book.

Last but not least an issue of "rc magazines" about rc cars with lastest released of feb.