venerdì 30 dicembre 2011

Tamiya conqueror & Kyosho Lazer ZX

In the meanwhile i'm  waiting for new vintage car, today, i cleaned a bit, from dust, these two awesome models.

A Tamiya conqueror and a Kyosho Lazer ZX.

martedì 27 dicembre 2011

Last gadget from Japan

Last october and november has been released in Japan this 4 dvd by Toei animation.

They are the Toei manga matsuri memorial DVD. In every DVD there are a lot of anime movies (best toei production in those years) from 1973 to 1976: Mazinger Z, Doctor Robot, The great mazinger, Sally the switch, Getta Robot, devilman and  lots others.

Really a great surprise for me discover a lot of movies and infos that i did not know.

In the last pic you can see the lastest issues of some of the best japanease sport car magazine, rc car and train models  in HO and Z scale.

The car magazines are:

- GTR Magazine
- IMPREZA magazine
- RC World
- RM models

the lastest magazine is a book just release in Japan with full story of World famous Japanease Shinkansen with a lot of pictures and story about each train (From "0" to  E6 prototype).

The Toei Manga Matsuri Memorial collection (1973->1976) 

The books inside each DVD. This is 1973 box.

Japanease magazines and Shinkansen book

lunedì 26 dicembre 2011

1/32 farm tractor (schuco, wiking, weise toys)

Some weeks ago i bought this very detailed tractors in 1/32 scale. they are:

- Schuco International 1455XL
- Weise-toys Landini 10000
- Wiking Black Fendt 939 vario in limited edition
- Wiking John deere 7430 with shovel
- Universal hobbies Rrapide 124 in limited edition (1200 pieces produced)

and the Siku control Fendt 6769 with front shovel. This tractor is a true RC tractor and the front shovel works!!!

The Siku control fendt RC with fron showel

domenica 25 dicembre 2011

Fewture Energer 1969

The lastest Fewture release is very nice. A lot of metal (very heavy) and well painted. So the awesome energer 1969 from Shin Mazinger Z anime has landed in my home.

The energer with others chogokin in the window

sabato 24 dicembre 2011

Transformers Encore 20 Devastator

Re-released in december, this 80's hit. The best transformer ever made in those years. It is the mighty and evil Devastator. Six machine combine for transform in the big decepticon devastator robot.

venerdì 16 dicembre 2011

Studio Halfeye Grungust red Lion rel.2 limited edition

I thought that this model was a fake, so a SHE blue grungust with a custom red paint. But it is original from Studio Halfeye and it should be really a very limited edition via Degenki Hobby. The robot comes from Super Robor Wars original generation. The two trasparent fires are very nice. I alredy own a grungust in normal version. See here some pics.

Box of "normal" grungust
Grungust in normal color

mercoledì 14 dicembre 2011

Zelda Skyward sword for nintendo wii

Here is the lastest Zelda games for nintendo Wii released some days ago. It called Skyward sword and here is in limited edition. The package include the game and a controller in gold color.

lunedì 12 dicembre 2011

Nintendo 3ds Zelda limited edition

I got this black 3ds in "legend of Zelda 25th anniversary limited edition" with of course the game included. Like wrote it is in gloss black color with some gold lines all around.

You can see also Mario Kart 7 always for the 3ds