lunedì 23 gennaio 2012

New Tomy plarail advance

In the last months of last year Tomy has released in Japan a great new about his historical serie PLARAIL trains. With new serie called Plarail Advance, the size of trains has been reduced. If before the classic plarail plastic train was a bit deformed and in HO scale, NOW, with new advance serie they are in N scale and well proportionate.

But the really miracle is that you can use the classic blue tomy plarail railroad and in every single railroad can run TWO trains "advance". Incredible. However not all the railroad are compatible with this new serie.

Here below you can see the "most beatiful train of the world" the Shinkansen 500 and the 923-3000 Dr yellow in advance scale. There is also and E4 in classic tomy plarail scale so you can see the difference of size.

Two trains on same blue classic tomy railroad

Very different size

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