mercoledì 31 agosto 2011

F3C World Championship in Italy - PART 4

Other shots

In the last WC in USA (2009) Scott Gray won the 2nd place. This time is 7th. He was the only one to fly with a glow engine in the fly-off. Like usual he fly with a high tune (by himself) OS engine. Some years ago i bought from him several of those engines and they are really powerful and realible.

The "legend" Curtiss Youngbloog is the first behind the japanese team 5th place). He missed the auto in the last flight of final day but there was a lot of wind.

Some  pics about other helis in the fly-off and the revelation of this WC Choi Won Ho (Korea) with his Eagle III.

martedì 30 agosto 2011

F3C World Championship in Italy - PART 3

Now some highlights about Japanease team.

Begin from Takashi Nonogaky. This young (always smiling and friendly) guy won the 3rd place. He flies a Jr E12 Syl with gracy body.

Concentration before final flight

Sawamura Yasuichi got a final 4th place. He did a very strong fly in the last day with a lot of wind. He is an employee at Futaba and he comes from japanease 3D world. His helper is Dobashi a F3C WC of the past. He flies with Quest (Kyosho caliber) mechanic in a Staysee body with his own colors (very nice schema in my taste).

And finally Manabu Hashimoto another heli-god of 90'. Like usual he is a "private and professional person". He arrived to fly-camp only some minutes before his fly. He got the 2nd place in this WC.


lunedì 29 agosto 2011

F3C World Championship in Italy - PART 2

Here is some highlights about Hirotaki Ito during the final day of fly-off. He got two 1000 the day before so he is already the "new" world champion (again).

The Helper is Minoru Kobayashi who reached the 2nd position in the F3C WC in USA (2001) with a JR Superio (the model before the Sylphide). In that WC the winner was C. Youngblood. Now he produce some cool parts for Hely (the world famous VJ PRODUCT). Pls take a look here:

Here is my old JR Superio in JR Galaxi body. I bought it, some years ago, from JR swiss importer. It is the 100% replica of Minoru's superio mechanic of 2001 (with also JR prototype parts of time).

After his final flight  Ito opened his "A" E12 Sylphide, a little crowd around his hely, so everybody can check that his model is a "normal" E12. The difference is only in his hands and, of course, a personal set-up of hely.

And final pic of my Bag with the signatures on Ito, Kobayashi and Kunii (old japanease champion and team manager of Japan).

domenica 28 agosto 2011

F3C World championship in Italy - PART 1

From 18 of august to 28th the 14th F3C WC has been celebrated in Italy near Brescia (north of Italy). The final winner is, like usual, Mr Hiroki Ito. This is the 4th WC consecutive victory for him (from 2005). The same in the national japanease championship.

The first 4 place has been won by Japanease pilot. Here some pics about Italian Team. All  the three italians pilots was in flight-off and they won a final 2nd team place.

The Helis are:
 - Hirobo Eagle III EP (with custom body and Black Shark III)
 - JR Sylphide E12 with supergracy II body painted from factory