lunedì 29 gennaio 2018

Bandai DX Combattler V

One month ago has been released in Japan the chogokin DX 03; it is the Com-Battler V. In my opinion is a very nice model and well made. Like the other DX it is huge. It is biggest of Mazinger DX  like you can see also in the pic.

It is heavy; has been used die-cast in the right parts. Like the DX series it has TV anime sounds and music from inside of the chogokin.

So the five machines can be combined in the Combattler V mecha like Chogokin GX50. In some pics you can check also the differente size from DX and GX50.

In the last pics there is the box of Combattler V Dvds TV series released in my country.

Here below the highlight of other Chogokin mecha that i won.


giovedì 25 gennaio 2018

Hirobo Vertol restoring

Some time ago i bought this Hirobo Vertol in bad conditions. Now i began to restore it. I will convert it in EP with the right motor and support. My goal is use 6S lipo with stock CH-46 gear ratio. With the current setup i can use the stock clutch and bell.

I fitted two old Futaba G301 piezo gyros.

Here the link with the pics when the Vertol landed here.

In the bottom  there is a short movie of maiden flight. Only a first test to understand if the vertol could fly.


lunedì 22 gennaio 2018

Video Option 284

This is the lastest Option DVD landed here; it is the number 284. There is a very nice review about the ultra limited Nismo GTR R34 Z-Tune.

giovedì 18 gennaio 2018

Japanese RC model magazines

Here is the RC model magazines landed in the last period in my home;

They are RC Tecnique issue 11.2017, RC Fan issue 10.2017 and RC magazine issues 11 & 12 2017

Usually tons of info and new products from Japanease rc world.