lunedì 28 settembre 2015

Hirobo Eagle SST EX restoring project - Part 1

Some weeks ago has arrived, from Japan, this Hirobo Eagle SST EX release in the 1991 with a SSR 2 head.

It is really in bad condition. I love this bird so i will begin to restore it. This Hely is the upgraded version of the original SST eagle, from 1987, with bigger tank and strong real metal frame in the rear side.

In the last picture there is the SSR-2 head restored. I will post the "Part 2" when the Eagle will be fully restored.

lunedì 21 settembre 2015

Kyosho Concept EP

Here is the first version of Kyosho Concept Ep released at the end of '80. It is the almost ready to fly version and include the motor. It's new in box.

The Kit has all the manuals, a after marker parts brochure and the decals.

venerdì 18 settembre 2015

GTR Mag & NSX mook

Here are the lastest issue of GTR magazine and the issue no. 193 of Hyper Rev Speed Mook dedicate to Honda NSX.

Usual tons of pics,  tuner infos and parts on these awesome books.

lunedì 14 settembre 2015

Nintendo Super Mario Maker

Here is my copy of Super Mario Maker released by Nintendo some days ago. This is the box version with Amibo included  and a nice book with some pics

The game is a masterpiece where you can build a Mario videogames from NES to WIIU style. Of course you can publish your levels game on the net so other people can play your game.

giovedì 10 settembre 2015

Vintage Helicopter World Magazine

From golden era of RC helicopter some issue of Model Helicopter World magazine. They are from end of '80, begin of '90.

There are the review of some best F3C japanease mechanic of that ages like the KALT Omega with JET Stream body, TSK Blackstar (of the most helicopter of ever) and more.